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How to create a travel portal - The United Arab Emirates, or UAE, is a popular travel destination. From the high-rise buildings and markets flooding with trendy goods to the pleasant beaches and deserts, UAE has all the reasons for being one of the most visited countries by travelers. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Al Ain are some very popular locations in the UAE.

Setting up a travel agency business in UAE can be a great deal for travel agents. But given the number of tourists that visit the country, providing a satisfactory service is crucial. Most travel operators are approaching the online marketplace for reaching out to customers more effectively. The usefulness of portals makes them an indispensable tool for the travel industry in the current era.

What is a Travel Portal?

Travel portals are softwares that you can integrate to your website and offer purchase facilities of travel products to customers. This means you can use the platform as a marketplace for the sale of your services. You have the option to conduct business with end users or with business owners. The portals provide travel agents with a number of features that can significantly help in growing business.

Features of Travel Portal Development in UAE

Travel portals are best built by professionals. You can partner with reputed travel portal developers in UAE, like Trip Mega Mart, and own the success of your travel business.

  • Pre-designed layout - portal development companies have different designs available for travel portals. You can select designs from various options and launch your business without spending time on designing your portal from the start.
  • Customization - portal development companies address the specific needs of clients. You get the opportunity to add features to the portal based on your needs. You can also make changes to the design to make it more representative of your business.
  • Integration options - whether it is GDS flight API integration in UAE or integration to payment gateways, portals allow you to do it all. You can provide customers with booking facilities of airline tickets, buses, hotel rooms, and various other services. You can also accept payment on the portal with a secured gateway.
  • Technical guidance - portal developers such as Trip Mega Mart provides agents with all the technical assistance necessary for a smooth execution of their businesses. You will not just receive guidance in developing your portal but also in navigating and providing resolutions to your customers.

Opportunities to Create a Successful Travel Portal Company in Arab Countries

Developing a travel portal for your business can accelerate the growth process and keep you at par with your competitors. But to receive the benefits, you must have a well-organized portal that can support all the key features. This is why choosing the right white label travel portal development company in UAE is necessary. Here are a few of the scopes that travel portals provide for creating a successful travel company.

  • Cost Friendly: The cost to start online travel agency business in UAE becomes affordable with experts like Trip Mega Mart. With minimum development expenses, you get to enjoy multiple benefits of the portal. You can skip time and money consuming stages of developing your portal with white labels. Rather than researching and determining the features and design of your portal, you can start off with the integrated features.
  • Easy Administration: You can manage bookings, finances, reports, and customer queries more efficiently with travel portals. A cloud-based portal allows agents to store their data securely. You and your team can access the same report from remote locations. You can interact with clients from all possible locations and at any hour of the day. Trip Mega Mart can assist you in developing a cloud-based platform for your travel business.
  • Proper Service for Customers: Travel portals make it possible to sell diverse products to your customers. You can integrate your portal to different flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in UAE and provide access to customers to book hotel rooms and flight tickets. If customers have queries, they can communicate with you directly on the portal. The advanced features of the portals facilitate the use of chatbots, with which you can answer the customers faster.
  • Multiple Device Accessibility: Travel technology solution in UAE will enable your customers to access your portal from various devices. This means you can have better connectivity to your customers and expect more sales. Travelers usually prefer making reservations on the go. If they can access your services from their mobile devices, they will be more likely to shop with you. This way you can ensure pulling more customers than the other travel companies. You can build such a portal with Trip Mega Mart.

There are numerous such advantages that travel portals can offer you to conveniently start travel agency business in UAE. You can manage your business better and earn more customers with portals. Once you hire a good portal development company, you can access all the benefits of travel portals.

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