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Alexandria is well-known as being a historical city which was once counted in the seven wonders of the ancient world for the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Today, it is regarded as a major port city in Egypt.

Tourists are attracted to this city to view the Greco-Roman landmarks, its sandy beaches and the beautifully decorated old-world cafes.

Ideas to Start Online Travel Agency Business in Alexandria

The popularity of Alexandria as a tourist destination provides numerous opportunities for setting up a travel agency business here. Below are a few ways you can start your travel business.

Obtaining a License - Applying for a trade license is an essential step to take if you want to start travel agency business in Alexandria. You would have to apply with a copy of your passport, incorporation certificate, and memorandum of association. You may also have to submit additional documents for starting a travel agency business. In addition to a trade license, all travel agents are required to obtain a tourism license.

Hire Expert Service - Another way of starting a travel business is hiring experts like Trip Mega Mart who can build you a travel portal. As travel portals offer various facilities to travelers, including online booking, they are an effective way of winning customers in the tourism industry.

White Label Travel Website in Alexandria - This is similar to owning a travel portal; however, you do not develop the portal on your own. Instead, you ask website development companies such as Trip Mega Mart to provide you with a white label portal. These portals are created by a third party but are used by a business owner with their logo. Websites like this come with GDS Flight API Integration. This means you have a portal that is all set to support airline booking facilities for your customers.

Besides the full-fledged travel agency, Alexandria also offers scope for selling individual travel products. Here are a few additional ideas that can help you to explore the lucrative tourism sector of Alexandria.

  • Online Hotel Booking - One travel product that is extremely in demand in the tourism sector today is online booking of hotels. Tourists are no longer fond of reaching their destination and then searching for accommodations. They are more likely to pre-book hotels so that they can save both time and energy. As the internet allows searching through various options, online hotel booking is gaining preference over the age-old hotel booking system through travel agents. Travel portal developers like Trip Mega Mart can help you build a portal that allows travelers to compare prices and book the most suitable accommodation for themselves.
  • Car Rental - Exploring a place requires some sort of transport. This is what brings car rental services to the picture. You can offer a portal designed by Trip Mega Mart wherein travelers can book car services on hourly or per day basis to visit the nearby places. This is a kind of service that travelers are in need of, especially in areas where transports are not readily available. You can offer self-driven cars or provide drivers along with the car.
  • Travel Blog - An interesting yet essential travel product that you can offer to travelers in Alexandria is travel blogs. Everyone wants to know a place in detail before they land up there. This helps those traveling to plan their journey better. This also helps tourists to get cost estimation. If you know about the most beautiful spots in Alexandria that not many are aware of, you are sure to attract a lot of visitors to your travel website. This is also an excellent way to start travel business from home in Alexandria.

So, to start a travel agency business in Alexandria, you can opt for providing several travel products or some specific services like bookings and car rentals. Contact trusted sources like Trip Mega Mart for travel portal development in Alexandria. An efficient travel portal can help your business grow faster and wider.

You can only compete with prominent travel agencies if you concentrate on carving out a niche with an exciting itinerary or destination. Trip Mega Mart's skilled team will assist you in accomplishing this with ease. So, contact Trip Mega Mart right away.

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