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Oman falls in the list of world's 130 most populated countries. However, tourism has become popular only in the last few decades as travelers began uncovering the hidden beauty of this land. 85% of the country's population dwells in cities. A large number of tourists join them at different times of the year to explore the spectacular landscape. Muscat, Seeb, Salalah, Nizwa, Sohar, Sur, Bahla, and Khasab are some of the places in Oman where travel operators willing to start travel agency business online in UAE can find a great marketplace.

But it is important that you offer competitive products to customers to stay ahead of your competitors. This is where travel portals can make the difference. Using portals, you can let customers do much more than just gain information on destinations.

Features of Travel Portal Development in UAE

Travel portals have many different features, the most important being booking facilities. Unlike websites, travel portals do not just provide information to travelers but also let them make purchases. Here are some key features that you must consider when developing your portal.

Attractive Deals

One major reason why travelers today prefer planning their trips through portals is the availability of discounts on prices. Some useful means that you can use to increase the traffic of your website is providing customers with cashback offers, discounts on hotel rooms, reduction in airline fares, and holiday packages.


People have almost developed a habit of checking product reviews on the internet before making a purchase decision. Encouraging customers to leave feedback on your services will help in increasing the revenue of your business.


When travelers search for any service on your portal, they might want to look only into some specific information. Letting customers filter their search with budget, number of tourists, travel dates, and other specific requirements can help in saving their search time. You can integrate your portal to the flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in UAE and allow travelers to find their desired hotels and airlines.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in UAE

You can opt for a white label travel technology solution in UAE. White label platforms are created by companies such as Trip Mega Mart who have the expertise in developing this kind of website. You can gain many benefits from white label domains.

  • Quick launch- you can start off your travel business in the least possible time with white label portals. You do not need to spend time on determining the design or basic components as travel portal developers in UAE will get it all done for you.
  • Easy integration- flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in UAE can help your portal to support booking facilities. You can get the features on your existing website without interrupting your business workflow.
  • Blog posts- you can provide travelers with useful information about the popular destinations through blog posting. This is an effective tool to increase the traffic on your portal. While you help travelers plan their trips, you can use effective CTAs and ensure that they opt for travel products from your company. Trip Mega Mart can build you a portal that is appropriate for blog postings as well.
  • Choice of Domain- you can opt for any domain of your preference on a white label platform. If your target customers are the providers of other services, then you can go for B2B white label travel portal development in UAE. It is also possible to develop a B2C white label portal if you want to sell your products to travelers. Trip Mega Mart helps you with the development of both kinds of platforms.

Travel Portal Development Company in Oman

The usefulness of the portal for your travel business will depend largely on the efficiency of the portal. Collaborating with reputed companies like Trip Mega Mart will ensure that you witness an effective growth in your business with the portal.

One significant contribution that providers of travel technology solution in UAE can make to your business is designing portals that are compatible with Android devices. This means you can let customers access your portal from their smartphones. Customers will be more likely to avail travel services from your company as they can check on their reservations from any location. In addition to this, the development companies can integrate your portal with the best payment gateways, ensuring maximum data security for your customers. You can let travelers save their card details on the website for faster and cardless transactions in the future.

So, to start travel agency business in UAE, travel portals are the most ideal resource to look for. You can hire companies like Trip Mega Mart and build a portal that lets you start your business faster and integrate to other useful applications.

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