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The city of Bursa in Turkey is known to be an industrial center of the country. The city is famous for being the largest center for silk trade during the past empires that ruled the lands. Being a lesser crowded and a smaller city than Istanbul, Bursa is attracting a large number of tourists for being more manageable and easier to explore.

The mosques and historical sites from the Ottoman empire are definitely worth a visit. The picturesque mountains at the backdrop along with numerous parks and trees makes this city one of the most beautiful places to visit in Turkey.

In recent years, with so many tourists visiting this city, a number of travel agencies are gaining popularity as the newest business venture here. The growing importance of Bursa as a global travel destination has led to the growth of a massive travel and tourism sector. Many travel businesses have come up in the area. Online travel portals are also thriving. One such tried and tested travel portal development company is Trip Mega Mart.

So if you are an entrepreneur looking to start a travel business in Bursa then an online travel portal may be ideal for you since these are low investment, but high profit.

Travel Portal Development in Bursa: Features and Design

  • There are some crucial factors to keep in mind when developing an online travel website. The website should have easy admin access. All Trip Mega Mart developers add in many admin access features into their developments so that business owners or employees with very limited technical skills can also update the trip locations and prices on the website seasonally.
  • Another very important aspect for travel start-up ideas in Bursa is the need for customer satisfaction. For online businesses customer satisfaction is almost entirely dependent on the ease of using the website interface. All Trip Mega Mart websites are appreciated by customers because of the simple interface that can be used intuitively by almost all customers.
  • But the simplicity of these designs does not mean that all Trip Mega Mart websites are just the same and boring. The websites are customized with the primary branding requirements of the client like their business name and logo. The team of designers at Trip Mega Mart is also ready to always make some small changes in their font styles, colours and layouts according to the preferences of the clients. The website aesthetic is very important to attract the target audience. In today’s day and age the website of any business plays a very important role in creating its brand identity and reputation.
  • It is a known fact that the Trip Mega Mart designers who work on white label travel portal development in Bursa always make sure to add some signature features and interesting design elements into each website. These special features can then be used to market the website and bring in traffic flow. The websites are also designed to retain their efficiency and speed of operation even when large numbers of people visit the site.
  • Trip Mega Mart also ensures that their websites are optimized for viewing on all devices like mobile phones and laptops and with all kinds of software applications like iOS , Microsoft or Android.

Pricing and Expenditure: White Label Travel Website Cost in Bursa

  • Trip Mega Mart white label portals are very reasonably priced considering the quality of service and the years of experience that they bring to the table. There are different website development plans on offer.
  • Each plan has its specific set of features and each plan has its own pricing. Individual travel agent portals can also be integrated into Trip Mega Mart websites by paying a small extra fee. Trip Mega Mart charges their customers a small annual fee. This fee is 25% of the total website development cost. This cost covers regular maintenance as well as API supply for the website.
  • A white label travel website does not require much of an initial investment but if it is marketed properly then it can bring in large profits much higher than the small annual fee that has to be paid to the white label supplier.

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