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Istanbul is a beautiful country in Turkey. This ancient city has a long history that is still evident today in all the historical monuments that are present in every lane and by-lane of the city. Istanbul is also considered a major cultural center of Turkey. People different parts of the globe travel to Istanbul every year to experience the unique cuisine, local crafts and local traditions of the area.

Tourism is well-developed in Istanbul with plenty of beautiful resorts and exotic restaurants, but there is still scope for this industry to become more efficient and organized. Entrepreneurs are taking the initiative in this aspect with the help of travel portal development in Istanbul to create digital travel planning solutions for international tourists.

How can you also participate in thetravel portal solutions trend?

  • There is very little that is not available for sale in the market in the 21st century and travel portal solutions are no exception. Entrepreneurs can easily avoid the cumbersome and expensive process of software development and straight away purchase a pre-made portal for their business.
  • These pre-made portals are created through a process of white label travel portal development. In this process, a simple website framework is created and then certain customizations are made to this format, (like adding the business name and logo of a particular business) for each client. Trip Mega Mart is the leading company creating B2B and B2C travel websites using white label travel portal development in Istanbul.
  • Trip Mega Mart has a huge collection of generic site models that clients can choose from. Then the site is personalized for the client and delivered within a week. Trip Mega Mart portals are generally very affordable and provide a low-risk and low-investment business opportunity for first-time entrepreneurs. But there is no need for clients to worry about getting a mediocre product. Each client can go beyond the basic customizations included in their package and request more features or design changes. These additional changes will be billed separately, but the cost for each modification is low and the overall expenditure still remains much lower than developing a brand new site.
  • There is also no need for any physical infrastructure to run the Trip Mega Mart travel agency software. The business can be run entirely from one’s bedroom. The only constant recurring expense of Trip Mega Mart clients is the mandatory annual maintenance fee. This fee is one-fourth of the total original website price to be paid yearly. The maintenance cost does not have to be paid in the first year after purchase to give time to the business owner to build traffic-flow to their site.
  • Once the business owner figures out their target demographic and starts using digital marketing, they will quickly begin to see a rise in their website traffic numbers. Profits will also start pouring in quickly.

Why has Trip Mega Mart travel portal development retained the top spot in Istanbul?

Let us take a look at some of the most important features of Trip Mega Mart sites that help them stand out from their competitors:

  • The sites are multi-device compatible; this means that entrepreneurs do not have to invest in a separate mobile application
  • The sites have a strong-backend that helps to maintain speed and responsiveness even with heavy traffic
  • The site designs are intuitive and meant to be extremely user-friendly. The customizations make the UI even more appealing to the target customers
  • Each site has a number of travel booking engines running through GDS integration service
  • There can be a car rental system, a holiday package system, a flight booking engine and a hotel booking engine running in real-time with information compiled from different suppliers into one source. The booking engines increase customer convenience and are extremely popular among tourists
  • Trip Mega Mart sites also come with a great payment system that is designed to provide data privacy to customer
  • There is plenty of opportunity in the travel and tourism industry for ambitious entrepreneurs. But most of these opportunities require a heavy initial investment. Travel portal development is more or less the cheapest and easiest way to enter the tourism industry. So do not waste any more time and gain the early bird advantage by contacting your local Trip Mega Mart consultant today to start the process of purchasing your dream business.

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