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Mukalla is one of the largest cities in Yemen that is known to travelers for its serenity and distance from the surrounding crowded cities of the country. Fort Al-Ghwayzi, Mukalla museum, along with the Gulf and desert are some of the top attractions in Mukalla. The city has as much excitement to offer the tourists as it has for agents looking to start travel agency online here.

But as the travel industry involves global services, you need to have a platform that will be accessible to travelers across the world. Travel portals can help you connect with multiple customers along with enjoying several other benefits.

Benefits of Travel Portal Development in Mukalla

Developing a travel portal can bring several benefits to your business.

Fast Service

Portals allow agents to conduct their business transactions at a much faster rate. With the help of a GDS integration service you can know the current status of availability of different service providers. You can share this information with your customers and let them reserve hotel rooms or airlines based on their preference as well as the availability.

Quick Booking

With a flight & hotel API integration on your portal through Trip Mega Mart you can allow your customers to book the various travel services quickly. Travelers can place purchase requests instantly. This can help them to get a reservation for their desired service without worrying about cancellations. Travelers can also get confirmation of their purchase request directly on their email address.

Multiple Payment Options

Working with a travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart gives you the opportunity to add various payment modes to your portal. This feature allows you to connect with travelers located at different corners of the world. By letting your customers pay for their purchased product in payment mode of their choice you can obtain a large number of customers for your business.

Multiple Product Inclusion

Another advantage of operating with a travel agency software is that you can add a number of products to your business based on your requirement as well as the demands of the market. Portals designed by experts like Trip Mega Mart can be integrated with multiple service providers without affecting the ongoing workflow. This means you can add travel products anytime and add variety to the product choices that you offer to your customers.

Features of Tourism Portal Development

The benefits obtained from a travel portal are mainly due to the features that form an integral part of the platform. However, you can choose to add certain features to your portal in order to make it more profitable for your business.

  • Payment Gateway - Adding a well-protected payment gateway to your portal can be extremely useful for travelers who can pay for the purchased product directly on your portal. Adding this feature with Trip Mega Mart will help you to ensure utmost security of the data of your customers.
  • Directions - You can integrate maps to your portal and obtain an absolute travel portal solution for both the customers and the business. Maps allow customers to locate hotels or places of tourist attractions with accurate information. This feature is found to be extremely helpful for travelers in understanding their travel destinations better.
  • Customized Service - Another useful feature that you can offer to your customers by hiring companies like Trip Mega Mart is customized services. With customization you can offer specific products to specific customers based on their interest. You can, for instance, offer a personalized holiday package system wherein you can offer customers with certain discounts or special inclusions.
  • Review - Giving customers the opportunity to review your product and share their feedback with other travelers is also a great feature to add to your portal. This can help other travelers in finding a suitable travel agency for their tour. This feature can also help you to market your brand appropriately.

Features like this can enhance the effectiveness of your travel portal. With relevant features added to your travel portal you can enjoy ample benefits from the platform. You can provide different products to your customers and also accept payments from them through multiple mediums. In addition to this, you can also offer faster and better service to the customers.

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