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Bahrain has had a rich history of trading and commerce. Bahrain in ancient times was called Dilmun. Bahrain has numerous archaeological sites that portray its stature as an ancient site of trade and commerce. The most famous one being the Bahrain Fort Site, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Travel agencies can use Trip Mega Mart travel portal developers in UAE to build specific travel modules for facilitating archaeological tours.

  • Visitors from around the world visit this site. Not only to see the fort, but also the hill on which the fort is located on. Because visitors from around the world visit this site, a travel agency can use Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution in UAE to helps visitors from around the world to visit Bahrain.
  • In a 17-hectare man-made hill that was built over thousands of years, the Fort lays on as testimony of a civilization that lived and thrived here. Numerous excavations at this archaeological site and several others have revealed military, commercial, public, and residential structures.
  • Archeological sites are only one aspect of Bahrain. There are old mosques and houses in the country that will interest visitors. These structures, regions, and places will showcase a time-period in history and also of Bahrain’s history, where people lived and thought differently.
  • Then there are enough beaches in Bahrain to enjoy pleasant vacations. There are beach cruises, and water sports conducted at many of the beaches. To top a Bahrain tour, visitors can go on culinary tours too. The food culture of Bahrain has Arabic influences and several indigenous varieties.

How can a travel agency use a travel portal solution in Bahrain to serve travelers to Bahrain?

There are numerous ways how travel agencies can contribute to the travel sector of Bahrain. They can be flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in UAE. They can use Trip Mega Mart to build flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in UAE. Travel agencies can even build a custom flight reservation system in UAE for Bahrain travelers to allow for easy booking and reservation services.

Bahrain House Tours

  • A travel agency can arrange Bahraini house tours for travelers to Bahrain using Trip Mega Mart travel website development in UAE. On such tours, travelers visit old Bahrain houses. A typical ancient Bahrain house is built with Islamic architecture that is an amalgamation of influences from the other Gulf countries. It will feature carved wooden doors, gypsum panels, and courtyards. Most of these houses have undergone restoration. The homes are amazing representations of the uniqueness of Bahraini culture in the Arab world.
  • There are many notable landmark structures that have been protected by the government for their traditional architecture. Kurar House, Bin Matar House, lecture hall of Shaikh Ebrahim, Iqra Child Library, Nukhida House, Heraf al Diyar, House of Coffee, Bu Zaboon House are the names of some of them. Art exhibitions are held at several places in Bahrain to showcase the old homes of Bahrain.
  • A travel agency can use a Trip Mega Mart B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE travel portal to offer such tours. There are many service providers in Bahrain offering a variety of culture, heritage, and ancient architecture tours. Of this, visiting ancient homes is also a part. In addition to GDS Flight API Integration in UAE built at low GDS Flight API Integration Cost in UAE, such type of integrations can be built as well.

Museum Tours

  • Bahrain National Museum, Busaad Art Gallery, Beit Al Qur’an, Military Museum, Shaikh Ebrahim Center, Oil Museum, Post Museum, Mohammed Bin Faris House of Sout Music, Museum of Pearl Diving, Bait Shaikh Salman Palace, and Maison Jamsheer are the museums to visit in Bahrain.
  • A travel agency can facilitate museum tours using Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE. It can be done through discrete museum tour service providers.
  • Because history and culture tours are a huge part of Bahrain tourism, travel agencies can use pre-built functionality for this. International travel portal development in UAE can be used for this. Visitors to Bahrain will get all the benefits of white label travel portal in UAE.
  • On museum tours, visitors are educated on the various artefacts, the history behind them, and their significance. It is an enlightening experience. Visitors learn about not only the history of Bahrain, but the Arab world and its illustrious history by way of the museum’s tours in Bahrain. Visitors can select their tour guides via a travel portal. Integrating travel guides in Bahrain is one of the ideas to start online travel agency business in UAE for Bahrain tourism.

When setting up a travel agency business in UAE for Bahrain, travel agencies can build this module using Trip Mega Mart online travel portal development in UAE to facilitate museum tours.

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