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Travel blogs mention cities of Oman like Muscat and Salalah as some of the most beautiful places in the world. Oman may not feature at the top of travel bucket lists as of yet, but it is quickly climbing the ranks. The country’s natural beauty is enough to please the senses of any world-weary traveler.

The expansion of travel industry in this country is also contributing to the growing popularity of Oman among international travelers. As more and more people are now starting to look into traveling to Oman, the country is seeing a rapid expansion in its online travel sector. More and more digital travel portals are starting to cater to international travelers.

Travel startup ideas in UAE - white label travel portals

  • Digital travel businesses are doing well in Oman. But setting up a travel portal requires high levels of software coding skills and would need an investment of lots time and money to hire developers to complete the process. So, most of the startup travel portal solution in Oman are white label travel websites.
  • These are pre-built websites that can be customized for different businesses. Trip Mega Mart are the leading company of travel portal developers in UAE. These portals have their own GDS flight API integration in UAE. The website can display real-time flight information from a number of different sources. Customers do not have to visit individual airline carrier pages to compare prices.
  • Trip Mega Mart uses the world’s leading API suppliers for their websites. This API service can be utilized for running hotel and flight aggregators for travel agents in UAE, for building car rental systems and for developing tour package reservation portals.
  • Customers pay for these services on Trip Mega Mart with the help of an in-built payment portal. Trip Mega Mart travel portal development in UAE includes creating a payment portal with high level encryption and one-click payment responsiveness. The website is also designed to quickly integrate with any third-party payment portals to give clients the ability to offer every kind of payment method.
  • Trip Mega Mart websites also come with full scalability- the websites can be operated locally/regionally/nationally and internationally depending on the business owner’s preference. But the website is optimized for all devices and performs with the same speed and efficiency on mobiles, laptops, desktops and tablets.
  • Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development in UAE is also concerned with proving clients with the ability to control their own websites after delivery. This is why all websites come with a variety of admin access features. These features can be used without resorting to any software coding skills, only the admin access codes are necessary for making small changes to the front-end of the live website.

Trip Mega Mart design teams for travel portal development in UAE

  • Trip Mega Mart has a huge team of talented website designers who create websites that are highly visually pleasing. The websites can be used intuitively by all kinds of users. The interface makes navigation and usability as simple as possible.
  • But the simplicity does not come at the cost of creating generic web pages. Each and every single Trip Mega Mart B2B/B2C white label travel portal development in UAE is customized with the branding of the client business. This includes basics like business name and business logo. But other design customizations are also offered with small extra charges.
  • Every website ends up with a signature look that can be exploited by business owners for brand building and marketing. The websites are able to perform smoothly even when there is high traffic flow to the website.

Cost involved in international travel portal development in UAE

  • White label travel portals are generally much cheaper to set up than traditional physical travel agencies. The cost is also much lower than building new websites from scratch.
  • Trip Mega Mart keeps with this trend of affordability. Their websites are all very reasonably priced. There is price flexibility with multiple plans for different budgets. Minor additions and alterations can be done to a website plan by making a small extra payment.
  • Individual travel agent portals can also be added to a travel website by paying a small fee. But a compulsory charge for all Trip Mega Mart customers is their annual maintenance fee of 15%. This fee is used for website maintenance and API supply.

Most customers are able to earn much more than 15% from their websites in just a few months of starting their business. Trip Mega Mart websites have all the features of a travel business built into them; the only major contribution to be made by the business owner is to market their website. If business owners can successfully leverage their website features to create popular marketing campaigns, they can soon start making high rates of profit from their website.

Oman’s travel industry will keep growing in the coming years but it needs to be seen which entrepreneurs will become the big winners from this growth. If you also want to be counted in the group of lucky early newcomers then it’s time to start working with Trip Mega Mart to get your own low investment and high reward business plan off the ground.

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