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Zarqa is a prominent tourist destination in Jordan. Travelers from different corners of the world arrive in this city to explore its beauty. Its popular attractions for tourists include Al Azraq Castle, Hammam as Sarah, Azraq Wetlands Reserve, Forest Park, and Prince Hashim Park. Travel agents who want to start travel business online in Zarqa can gain success if they have an internet based platform to interact with the travelers that come here from different parts of the world.

Aspects of a Good Travel Agency Software

In order to build a reliable travel portal, there are certain features that you must consider adding to the platform.

Search Options

With a comprehensive travel portal solution, you must be able to add to your portal options with which travelers can easily search for the different travel services. By adding options like amenities, you can help travelers filter the search results as per their needs. This can help in saving time that travelers invest in finding the desired information on the platform.


It is important that travelers are able to share their feedback on travel services that they have opted for. This allows customers to develop trust and loyalty towards the travel agency. With an expert travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart, you can create a portal where customers can easily post their comments and feedback on the purchased product.

Pricing details

Portals allow travel agents to maintain transparency with their customers in regards to the prices of their products. You can mention on the portal the pricing details of the services that you offer. You can also keep your customers updated on the latest offers available with your agency.


You can integrate to your portal a reliable payment gateway through which customers can pay for their purchases directly. This feature of a travel portal offers travelers a hassle-free payment process. Instead of making payment through a third-party website, travelers can pay directly at your portal. You can hire industry experts like Trip Mega Mart to ensure you have a safe payment gateway integrated to your travel website.


With a tourism portal development, you can offer your customers accurate information on their travel destinations by integrating your portal to the Google map. With this feature, travelers can identify the location more accurately. They can also explore the other options available in the same region for hotels or other travel services.


By hiring a skilled travel website/portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can create a portal that allows travelers to save details of their preferred travel service providers in the favorite list. This can help the travelers to make reservations in the future without having to search for the available options all over again.

Mobile friendly

With the help of a good travel mobile application development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can develop a mobile friendly portal for your travel business. It is important for agents to have a website that travelers can access on their wireless devices, especially their smartphone. By adding this feature to your portal, you will be able to obtain more customers and also increase your sales.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Zarqa

Here are some of the benefits of using a travel portal.

  • Interaction with Customers - You can stay connected with your customers throughout the day by operating through a travel portal. You can also offer auto responses to the customers and help resolve their queries at a much faster rate.
  • Less Expenses - Opting for a white label travel portal development can help you to reduce your expenses. You can work with expert portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart and add different technologies to your website without increasing your expenses.
  • Multiple Service Choice - With portals you can add multiple products and offer more choices to your customers. You can also partner with leading suppliers of travel services and ensure a good service to the customers.

With white label platforms you can enjoy various benefits. You can maintain a better interaction with your customers while also ensuring that they have a thorough knowledge of the prices involved with the products. With relevant features added to your portal, you can utilize the tool for the efficient execution of your travel business.

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