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Istanbul is regarded as Turkeys economic, historical and cultural hub. It was previously known as Constantinople and today is the largest city of Turkey. It was home to several ancient empires and therefore numerous remnants of architectural wonders still stand tall within the city. Istanbul has become a major tourist attraction over the past few years.

Starting a travel agency here is one of the most sought-after businesses that most people invest in. The introduction of various technological innovations has changed the business scenario of various industries, including the tourism sector. Earlier travel agencies could only operate their business from offline sources. But in the current days, presence on the online market is crucial for the success of travel businesses. So, if you are considering to setting up a travel agency business in Istanbul, you must have a portal.

Why White Label Travel Portal Development in Istanbul?

  • Tourism is an important part of the economy of Istanbul. The country opens its doors to millions of tourists throughout the year. From luxury venues to quiet accommodations amidst the spectacular view of the iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia dome and churches, Istanbul has a wide range of options for travelers.
  • For those inclined towards cultural richness, Istanbul is a wonderful place to explore. It reflects the country's rich culture in a beautiful way. The monuments and historic landmarks are breath-taking. So, to cater to this land of diverse travel experience, you will need something as useful as a white label website.
  • So, if you are an entrepreneur hoping to become a part of this tourism sector then an online travel portal may be the perfect entry-point for you.

How to start travel agency business in Istanbul

  • If you want to start an online travel agency in Istanbul, then the most convenient method will be to purchase a white label website. Trip Mega Mart is a travel portal development company that provides the highest quality white label travel portal development in Istanbul. They create B2B websites that have all the features needed to provide customers a comprehensive travel planning experience.
  • The websites come with flight booking engines and hotel booking engines. But with numerous airline and hotel suppliers available in the market, it is essential to provide real time data so that customers can get confirmed bookings. For this reason, all Trip Mega Mart websites come with in-built GDS flight API integration. The API service collects and provides real time, updated and accurate data.
  • The Trip Mega Mart websites also have payment portals so that customers can make payments quickly and easily. These secure and fast one-click payment portals are a specialty of Trip Mega Mart developers. The websites are designed for easy integration with most third-part payment portals as well because sometimes when a business begins to operate in many regions more payment options become necessary.
  • Another important aspect that most entrepreneurs think about when setting up a travel agency business in Istanbul is the need for scalability. Travel businesses want to target the largest number of tourists and international tourists are very lucrative. With a Trip Mega Mart website, the business owners can be assured that as their service capabilities grow, they will be able to expand the operations of their website from a local level to a global level.

Cost of a white label travel website in Istanbul

  • White label websites are typically less expensive than websites which are developed fully new and from scratch. But even among white label websites there may be variations in cost according to companies. The Trip Mega Mart B2B white label websites are some of the most affordable options in the market. There are different website plans and each plan has its own pricing structure.
  • Travel agent portals can also be included into the website for a small price. There is an annual charge, but it is just 15% of the initial website plan and it is just a fraction of the amount of revenue that the business can earn from the website annually.
  • So if you are an entrepreneur in Istanbul who is struggling to find a business plan that can work with low investment, then a white label travel portal from Trip Mega Mart is the answer to all your questions.

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