Benefits of White label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in Oman


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Travel agencies can facilitate international tourism to Oman because Oman is still an unknown quantity in the tourism world. Visitors to Oman are looking for practical information, where to stay, where to shop, how to book accommodations, cheap flights, car rentals and so on. They do not get this information from a single source or a single portal.

Travel agencies can help with this by using Trip Mega Mart online travel portal development in UAE. For example, a travel agency can help with information and booking services for reaching Oman. The way how to develop travel portal in UAE is to be an information resource as well as travel management platform.

Many visitors do not know that one of the ways to get to Oman is through short flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are several direct flights from popular cities in New Zealand and Australia to get to Oman. Travel portal development in UAE at low travel portal development cost in UAE can be built to facilitate flight bookings across countries to reach Oman, and also provide multi-country tour assistance.

Similar to the aforementioned assistance, sightseeing services, niche tours, local travel, culinary tours, and several other types of tours can be offered and managed via a travel portal built by a B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE firm.

What are the benefits of white label travel portal development for travel agencies in Oman?

1. Help travelers with desert safari bookings

  • Desert safaris are popular in Oman. There are several activities conducted on a desert safari. It’s not just the drive on the sand dunes alone, but on-desert activities too. There will be song and dance in the evening. There will be bonfire nights and folk music. Food and wine can be cooked on-site. There could be several other services – but visitors are not aware of them.
  • One of the ways to help tourists to Oman get a variety of services is to integrate desert safari service provider sites into a travel portal built by an innovative White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE agency. In addition to staple integrations such as GDI flight API integration in UAE that was developed at low GDS flight API integration cost in UAE, this type of integrations can be provided as well.
  • The travel agency’s travel portal can then be a central place for travelers to find services. They can mix and match services from various service providers. By doing this, tourists can get an assortment of experiences that will fulfill their needs.

2. Facilitate world heritage site tours

3. Arrange cultures tours of Oman

  • Culture is deeply seated in all aspects of daily life in Oman. The country’s tradition of being a trading center is reflected in its historic souks. At Oman’s souks one can find exquisite silver works, traditional clothing, and Frankincense aromas.
  • There are many souks in Muscat alone, the most famous one being Muttrah Souq. Using a travel technology solution in UAE for Oman souk tourism, built by Trip Mega Mart international travel portal development in UAE, visitors can book for specific experiences on these souk tours.

There is a vibrant arts and crafts scene that has been preserved from centuries. Many centers of arts and entertainment have stage performances that portray the culture of Oman. All of these places and spaces can be explored after booking them via a travel portal. Travel agencies can use Trip Mega Mart Travel Portal Developers in UAE services for building such capabilities.

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