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The United Arab Emirates, or UAE, is a land abundance in prosperity. Over the years, the country has become one of the most famous travel destinations. Anybody trying to start international travel agency business in UAE will find a huge crowd in cities like Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain. Each of these places have unique beauties to mesmerize the travelers.

But to be able to get chosen by the travelers, agents need to provide valuable services and products. Moreover, you must have easy accessibility so that customers can have no difficulty in planning their trips with you. This is why travel portals are an essential tool for the travel industry.

How to Start Travel Agency Business in UAE?

The process involved in setting up a travel agency business in UAE is quite the same as in other countries. You need to start with a business plan that aligns with your niche. In addition, you need to comply with the regulations that the UAE government specifies for all aspiring travel operators.

You will have to obtain a license from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). You can opt for an inbound operator license, outbound operator license, or a travel agent license. Once you have the legal formalities done, you can start enjoying the vast number of features that travel portals can offer.

Features of Travel Portals

There are many characteristics of portals that can prove beneficial for your travel business.

  • You can reach out to a huge number of customers using portals. Being internet-based, pitching your services to potential customers becomes much easier than the offline mode of conducting business.
  • You can post customer reviews on your portal and increase the chances of gaining new customers. One effective way of encouraging customers to share their feedback is offering them reward points for their reviews.
  •   You can integrate portals to maps and let customers locate their destinations easily. Customers can compare the rates of hotels available at a specific area and make better decisions.
  •   You can post updates about your services and announce new deals on your portal. This helps in keeping customers informed and ensuring sales when on your travel product.

Benefits of Working with Travel Portal Development Company in United Arab Emirates

It may happen that you want to start travel agency business online in UAE but do not have the required technical knowledge to do so. This is when travel portal developers like Trip Mega Mart can come to your rescue. There are much more than the technical aspects of a portal that the developers can help you with.


Providers of travel technology solution in UAE have experience in assisting travel operators to function better using portals. The team is not just equipped with theoretical knowledge but also has years of practical exposure in offering the best solution to the travel business. You can rely on companies such as Trip Mega Mart for the technical requirements of your portal. They can also offer guidance in selecting the most appropriate platform for your online business in case you are indecisive of whether to opt for B2B2C white label travel portal development in UAE or only a specific kind of portal.

Multilingual Portal

Portal developers take into account the target customers of their clients and design projects accordingly. It is important for a travel portal to be available in the commonly spoken languages so that agents can have a better chance of attracting customers to their business. With this understanding, companies such as Trip Mega Mart designs portals in different languages. You can let your customers read the contents of your portal in the language of their choice and ensure more sales for your business.


You can integrate your existing website with flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in UAE and offer booking facilities to your customers. The integration process does involve some complex technical measures. But you need to worry about that as the portal development team will take care of everything. You can allow travelers to book hotel rooms or flight tickets from your portal without directing them to different websites of the service providers. This can help in improving the experience of customers in doing business with you. This can also increase the chances of receiving repeat businesses. 

These are some of the reasons that you must collaborate with skilled travel portal developers in UAE, like Trip Mega Mart. They can help you to build a multilingual portal and gain more customers. With the right portal, you can develop your business and expand it far and wide.

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