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Seeb is a small town in Oman located close to the more popular city of Muscat. Seeb is a small fishing town with a sparse population. But this idyllic little town has captured the fancy of many international tourists in recent years. People come here to enjoy authentic Omani food and experience the local culture of this ancient community. There are some parks and beautiful beaches in this town as well to keep tourists entertained.

Oman is a popular tourist destination, but the town of Seeb is still quite underexplored and there is a lot of scope for growth for the travel and tourism industry in this area. A white label travel portal in Seeb is the perfect opportunity for enterprising business owners to get into the travel business in Oman.

How will your travel business grow in Seeb?

  • Building a travel business is now much easier than before. There is no need to invest in a travel agency office or to hire employees. A single person can now easily run an online travel business from their bedroom. But there is some initial investment needed to start this kind of an online travel portal solution as well. A team of developers and software engineers will have to be hired. However, some travel technology companies have now come up with an even cheaper alternative. They are selling white label travel portals at a fraction of the cost of building a new website.
  • White label travel portal development refers to a process where ready-made websites are sold to different brands and customized for each business entity. The business name and logo of the brand are added in and other features are also available in their repertoire. Trip Mega Mart is a top-rated travel portal design and development company in Oman. They create B2B and B2C travel websites using pre-made formats which can be used to create fully operational businesses that are able to earn profits quickly and build a loyal customer base.

But Trip Mega Mart uses some third-party service providers for their site features so there is a mandatory annual fee for all clients. This fee is one-fourth of the total website cost and is charged from year two of purchase. Even with this recurring expenditure though there is a significant price reduction in cost of starting and running a travel business using a white label portal as compared to a traditional website. Trip Mega Mart travel portal development is also scalable and compatible with all devices so the clients will not have to purchase separate applications as they grow and expand into different markets.

Features that are well-loved by all Seeb tourists

Tourists and visitors coming to Seeb in Oman love all these features offered by Trip Mega Mart sites because they make their travel planning and travel budgeting simpler and faster:

  • Trip Mega Mart sites are very user-friendly. The UI is intuitive and the navigation system is self-explanatory. Customers do not have to read any guides or watch tutorials to use any of the site features
  • All Trip Mega Mart sites also have highly attractive website designs. There is visual variety across the sites and there are plenty of interesting colors and layouts for clients to pick out. This allows each client to curate a look that will go with their brand ethos and help them connect better with their customers.
  • Trip Mega Mart sites have primarily gained their popularity with the help of their highly effective booking engines. There can be flight booking engines, car rental systems, hotel booking engines and even holiday package systems. The basic formula for all these systems is the same. The sites have GDS integration service which allows the sites to collect and display information from various suppliers all in real-time. Customers can compare prices and book their preferred room or flight ticket from any supplier they like without having to spend hours individually visiting different sites.
  • Another associated feature with the booking engines is the payment system. Trip Mega Mart sites are meant for easy third-party payment gateway integration. But the native Trip Mega Mart payment portal is also very high quality; it responds quickly and has various security features to ensure quick and safe transactions.

Trip Mega Mart has firmly established itself as a top travel technology company in Oman by the dint of its ability to produce operational business platforms in less than seven days. So, if you also want to begin a business in just a handful of days and start earning profits then book your Trip Mega Mart appointment immediately.

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