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How well is tourism developed in Ra’s Bayrut?

Ra’s Bayrut is a very important locality in the country of Lebanon. This area juts into the sea and offers stunning water-front views for tourists. There is also plenty of opportunity for tourists to experience the local culture, the local food and interact with local people on Ra’s Bayrut. There are many luxury resorts and hotels that are now coming up in this area and tourists come here to disconnect from the world and spend some relaxing days in a coastal paradise. But tourism has not yet reached its full potential in the area and there is still plenty of scope for growth. Travel portal development in Ra’s Bayrut however is accelerating quickly and helping international tourists discover the joys of the locality.

Blue-print of a successful online travel business in Lebanon: 

  • In order to be successful, the first thing to consider is investment: profit ratio. The most cost-effective method of starting an online travel portal solution in the area is with the help of white label travel portal development.
  • In white label development, a ready-made portal is customized for different brands to create a unique end-product each time. This reduces the cost of each portal and also drastically reduces the time needed to start an online travel agency business.
  • Trip Mega Mart is the best travel portal design and development company in Lebanon and they offer the best prices on their websites. Clients make a purchase from their huge portfolio; submit their customization requests and the whole project is delivered in less than a week. Basic branding customization is included within the initial package cost and charges for extra customizations are also very small.
  • Trip Mega Mart also offers a support service to help non-technical business owners to manage their sites. This service is free for one year, but from the next year paying for this service becomes compulsory for all clients. They have to pay 15% of the total cost of the website every year. But most clients earn much more than this amount through their site and are easily able to go in the green in terms of their profit margins even after paying the annual service fee. There is also no infrastructural cost to run these online businesses so owners are able to retain almost the entirety of their profits.
  • Trip Mega Mart also helps clients save money by creating B2B and B2C travel websites that are very versatile. Each site is multi-device optimized and has full scalability from local up to international level. There is no need for separate applications for different devices, expansions.
  • Each site also has a full admin access panel with lots of little features so that business owners will not have to run to a software developer every time they want to make a minor change to their website content.

How have Trip Mega Mart portals retained their top spot?

Customers really enjoy the experience of using the responsive and quick-loading Trip Mega Mart sites and this makes these sites popular among business owners as well:

  • All the sites are designed to have an interactive and intuitive user-interface. Anyone can navigate the site with very little difficulty even if they have not used the site previously. This easy usability is very useful for holding a customer’s attention.
  • But the designs are also not bland at all. Each site ends up looking completely unique after the business branding and font, color and layout preferences of the clients are implemented. This specific look of each site is very useful when building marketing campaigns.
  • The most important feature of Trip Mega Mart sites is the ability to get confirmed bookings in real-time from different booking engines. The GDS integration service helps to operate flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental systems and holiday package systems where customers can book services from various suppliers. Customers save a lot of effort of looking up and then searching each supplier site individually.
  • Customers pay for all these bookings either through Trip Mega Mart’s own in-built payment gateway or through any popular third-party payment system integrated into the sites. All payments on Trip Mega Mart sites are processed through different safety layers to ensure maximum data protection for customers.

Do you dream of being an entrepreneur who sets their own schedule and decides their own duties and responsibilities? Then an online travel portal may be the best method for you to dip your toe in the business world. Call Trip Mega Mart right now and get started on becoming your ideal self.

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