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Travel portal development in Izmir has been picking up pace in the last few decades as more and more people discover the historical importance of this ancient city. This city was known originally as Smyrna and has gone through many regime changes from the Romans to Alexander the Great and many other rulers in between. Evidence of these different cultures and heritages is still found in modern-day Izmir. Most of the city is an archaeological site and there are forts and palaces overlooking the city from different sites. If you also want tourists to understand and experience the history of Izmir, then you can build your own online travel portal solution and enter the tourism industry of Turkey.

Travel and tourism industry in Izmir and the sub-sector of digital platforms

Digital travel planning solutions make it easier for international tourists to visit different countries of the world. They can do their planning from home without any intermediaries charging them exorbitant prices.

But creating a brand new travel website requires high levels of technical expertise and can be quite expensive to complete with hired professionals. So, most entrepreneurs in Turkey are now turning to travel portal design and development companies like Trip Mega Mart. Trip Mega Mart sells pre-made, customizable sites through the process of white label travel portal development.

The process begins by creating B2B and B2C travel websites. These simple websites are then made available for sale. When clients pick out a model they like, then Trip Mega Mart adds the business name and logo of the client business to their chosen model. The business owner is now ready to start marketing their brand and building their own customer-base. The full process from order to delivery takes less than a week and all Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions are very reasonably priced.

There is also no additional expenditure to running an online Trip Mega Mart business. Clients can run the business themselves from their own home. But Trip Mega Mart does charge a mandatory annual fee for continuity of certain key features and services of their sites. This annual fee is one-fourth of the total website price. The annual fee does not have to be paid in the first year after purchase to give the business owner time to create their market niche.

Online travel portals are low-risk, low-investment but high profit business models. Even when clients require extra changes beyond the basic branding addition, the cost of the site does not go up much; but as soon as some visitors start coming to the site the business starts raking in profits. Trip Mega Mart features that most customers are able to enjoy across different brands and clients:

  • The sites have GDS integration service to run travel booking engines that update continuously and run in real-time. Clients can add a flight booking engine, a hotel booking engine, a car rental system or a holiday package system to their site.
  • Payment for all these bookings can be processed through a native Trip Mega Mart  payment gateway. This system is secured to protect the data privacy of customers. But if more payment method options are needed then third-party payment portal integrations are also easy on Trip Mega Mart sites.
  • Trip Mega Mart creates sites which can operate on all devices and at different scales (local/regional/international). Customer preference for devices and client preferences for scale of operations do not affect website performance.
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are responsive and have a quick loading time. The sites are also built to withstand high traffic flows which characterize successful online business.
  • The website design for Trip Mega Mart sites is very versatile. The UI designs are intuitive for maximum ease of usage for customers. But there is also plenty of scope for  visual appeal and market-specific customizations. Most clients use the wide range of design customizations to create a unique brand identity for their business.
  • Trip Mega Mart businesses are also easy to run for business owners. There are many admin controls so that business owners will be able to manage most of their content independently without needing help from software coding professionals. So do not le this opportunity to become a business owner pass you by. Call Trip Mega Mart today and become a business owner in the easiest and most cost-effective way, with your first online travel portal solution

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