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Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. This city best represent modern Turkey. It has a lot of historically significant sites, but there are also modern entertainment parks and museums for tourists to enjoy. Ankara is also considered a major center of the performing arts in Turkey. Ankara is a very family-friendly tourist destination for people who want to vacation in Turkey.

Tourism in Ankara has started to develop quickly in recent years. There are thousands of luxury resorts and hotels that are popping up all over the city. Almost keeping up with this trend is another trend of travel portal development in Ankara. These online travel portal solutions are making is easier than ever before for international tourists to plan their own vacations without having to pay expensive travel agents.

How to create the perfect travel planning digital application?

The straight-forward method would be to hire some software developers and build the application from the start. But this would take too long and be quite expensive. So most entrepreneurs opt for the short-cut method of white label travel portal development, which produces almost the same, and sometimes even better results than the traditional development method.

In white label development, a pre-made website framework is purchased by a business and then the site is customized with the branding and name of that purchasing business. The cost of this process is much lower than full development from scratch and the sites can be functional in just a few days time.

  • Trip Mega Mart is the most trusted and top-ranked travel portal design and development company in Turkey.
  • Trip Mega Mart clients pick out a white label solution from their extensive catalogue.
  • Then they mention their personalization preferences.
  • Addition of the website name and branding is including in the price package, but additional changes require small extra fees.
  • Both features and designs can be modified.
  • The site is completed and delivered within seven days.
  • All Trip Mega Mart created B2B and B2C travel websites are quite affordable.
  • But customers have to pay the annual maintenance fee (25% of website price) every year from the second year of purchase onwards).
  • There are some great admin controls that business owner clients get at the time of purchase.
  • These controls help them manage their website content without always having to seek help of software coders.

Everything that Trip Mega Mart offers customers with their travel portal solutions.Trip Mega Mart sites are well-loved among customers because of the following reasons:

  • The sites come with GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration to run real-time flight booking engines and hotel booking engines. Customers are able to compare prices and availability from different suppliers and then make their decision all in one place.
  • Car rental systems and holiday package systems operating in real-time can also be added to the sites.
  • Customers can pay using their Trip Mega Mart native payment portal or they can pay through a popular third-party site which is integrated into the site. Third-party integrations are easy with Trip Mega Mart sites and their native payment systems are also very secure and privacy-protected.
  • Trip Mega Mart is known for their high-end UI design. The designs are intuitive, user-friendly and be customized to be market specific. The designs are also optimized for maximum visual appeal.
  • Trip Mega Mart sites can run on all devices with the same speed and performance and there is no need for separate applications to cater to different devices.
  • The sites are scalable, highly responsive and quick-loading, making them perfect for high-traffic businesses. Business owners will choose whether they serve local/regional or international clients but the site performance will not change across all these scales of operations.

Trip Mega Mart offers complete business solutions to clients. The entire business model can be purchased at a low initial investment, the business owner’s only task is to create excitement about their site through proper digital marketing. Once customers start visiting the site they will fall in love with the gamut of features and the ease of usage of the sites and keep coming back for more. So do not hesitate any longer to get started on the business plans you have had on the back-burner for years. This is the perfect time to book an appointment with Trip Mega Mart to start planning out your business website.

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