What are the benefits of White label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in United Arab Emirates


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Despite global tourism experiencing a low curve, UAE tourism has been on the upswing. Because of the perennial demand for UAE tourism, it is always a good time to start travel agency business in UAE. The tourism department of UAE plans to maintain this interest in its country by contributing close to 280.6 billion UAE dinars to tourism development.

UAE touristic destinations namely Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, and Sharjah will continue to be visited for various purposes. So, one of the ways how to start travel agency business in UAE is to serve visitors to each of these regions. Each of these emirates in the UAE has their specialty and independently managed. Out of all emirates, Dubai remains the most visited.

So anyone planning to start international travel agency business in UAE can build emirate-specific modules in their travel portal using Trip Mega Mart B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE.

How can travel agencies use white label travel portal development to serve UAE tourists?

Facilitate short stay tours

UAE is equidistant from most countries. It is easily accessible as well. This aspect makes it possible for anyone to start travel agency business online in UAE or start travel business from home in UAE to serve visitors from all countries of the world to UAE.

Many tourists prefer to tour UAE for short duration tours. It could be for three days to a week. So one of the ways how to start travel business online in UAE is to allow visitors manage micro or mini tours to UAE.

Trip Mega Mart can help micro and mini tours agencies. This is one of the ideas to start online travel agency business in UAE at low cost to start online travel agency business in UAE using the benefits of white label travel portal in UAE.

On short duration tours, travelers to UAE want to explore a handful of places. They can then plan to visit other places on their subsequent trips. Travel start-ups ideas in UAE, travel franchise opportunities in UAE, or travel start-up opportunities in UAE can strongly consider these types of tours. Helping them to build this capability will be Trip Mega Mart B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE.

As an example, there are many visitors to UAE who want to visit the Burj Khalifa or experience a desert safari or explore the Jebel Jais peak. Travel agencies can use Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE to design such specific experiences.

Visitors to UAE want specific experiences because their stay in Dubai could be short. Most of such visitors could be transit visitors who are visiting Dubai to take a connecting flight to another destination. They can extend their stay in Dubai for a short time, before taking the connecting flight.A travel agency must be able to facilitate such short tours. It can be done by way of a travel portal.

Help travelers with adventure tours

Of late, the UAE is being re-positioned as an adventure tour destination. Activities like flyboarding, dune bashing, sand boarding, skydiving, bungee jumping, shark diving, hot air ballooning, seaplane flight, scuba diving, sea breacher trip, water jet, indoor skydiving, ziplining, jet skiing, helicopter tours, wakeboarding, desert safari, and fishing in the deep sea are popular with adventure enthusiasts.

Not only inbound tourists, but UAE residents are seeking services for enjoying these many adventure activities. The potential for a travel agency to leverage this demand using travel portal development in UAE capabilities of Trip Mega Mart B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE is immense.

The need of the hour is to integrate all service providers offering these adventure tours under a travel portal built by Trip Mega Mart at low travel portal development cost in UAE. By doing this, travelers to Dubai and UAE residents can select from service providers and services from with one single portal. This is the best way how to develop travel portal in UAE to serve travelers using travel portal moderated integrated service providers approach.

Help food tourism initiatives

UAE is a place of history and culture. Visitors to UAE want a taste of authentic Emirati cuisine. There are many restaurants offering such multi-course meals. But due to lack of information visitors to Dubai are not aware of such opportunities for indulging in taste tours. Food tours are popular with UAE residents too. Residents use services of tours companies or travel agencies to plan a full day of eating.

Travel agencies can support food tourism initiatives in UAE. Dubai experiences a high influx of food tourism requests. Because it is an international city and the fact that multiple cuisines from various parts of the world are available, travel agencies can serve different types of food tourists.

What Are The Benefits Of White Label Travel Portal Development For Travel Agencies In United Arab Emirates

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