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Cyprus is a beautiful country that offers tourists the perfect Mediterranean vacation. Tourists can sun bathe on the beaches or take long walks along the winding old streets of various cities in the country. The food is absolutely delicious, but still very fresh and healthy and there are plenty of luxury hotels and resorts to satisfy even the pickiest of customers. The island country of Cyprus has always been popular for its sunny beaches and beautiful views but in recent years people have started flocking to the country more because everyone is tired of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Start travel agency business in Cyprus now and give people the opportunity to experience a quiet, simple life for a few days of the year. Use online travel portal development to start your business at a low cost and then start earning profits from international tourist interest.

Get started with an easy to execute digital business strategy

Have you always dreamt of starting your own business? But has the stress and fear of heavy investments kept you away till now? Then worry no longer because there is an easy short-cut to entrepreneurship available in the market.

  • Online businesses had already made it possible to reduce capital investment in travel start-ups because there was no need for elaborate physical infrastructure. But the need and cost of technical skills to build these online platforms was still quite high.
  • Now that cost has come down even further with the creation of white label travel portal development. In this system, a travel technology company builds a catalogue of pre-made websites and brands come and buy the models they like. The sites are customized for each brand by adding their name and logo. This process only takes a few days’ time to complete.
  • Trip Mega Mart is known for creating B2B and B2C travel websites that are usually the most popular among customers. They have a huge white label catalogue. Clients pick the site they like, and then put down the list of additional customizations besides basic branding and finally pay for the product. Trip Mega Mart site packages are very affordable and the cost of extra customizations is also minor.
  •  But Trip Mega Mart does make it clear from the start that they charge their clients a mandatory annual maintenance fee. This fee covers the support service from Trip Mega Mart for any back-end and front-end issues. This fee also covers payments for the third parties used by Trip Mega Mart for the different services provided by their sites. The annual fee for Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions is 25% of the total website cost.
  • Once the Trip Mega Mart site is delivered, the business owner is ready to start operating. They just have to start creating online digital campaigns that will pull customers to their site. There is no need for separate applications as well because Trip Mega Mart sites are multi-device compatible and 100% scalable.

White label travel portal development features from all top performing sites

Trip Mega Mart sites are intuitively designed and are very easy to use. This means that customers are able to make full use of all the services provided by the site. The features that customers usually always gravitate towards are the travel booking engines powered by GDS integration service. There can be flight booking engines and hotel booking engines with updated information from different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers.

There can be car rental systems and holiday package systems as well with data from multiple suppliers. The GDS service allows these booking engines to collect data from various sources in real-time and display it all at one place. Customers can plan their trip all through one site instead of visiting different supplier sites manually.

Customers pay for all their bookings on Trip Mega Mart through a top-grade payment gateway. This gateway is secured with multiple layers for data safety and transactional safety of the customers. The sites also allow integration with third-party payment systems for variety in payment methods and additional safety precautions.

There is plenty to love about an online business powered by Trip Mega Mart. The features are well-loved by customers and there are admin control features to make the operating process easy for business owners. Book your appointment with Trip Mega Mart today and get into Cyprus’s tourism industry with a strong foundation.

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