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UAE, a federation of seven emirates, is a fascinating Arabian Peninsula country. UAE is a commercial, cultural, and architectural hotspot.

In 1998, UNESCO designated Sharjah as the Arab world's cultural capital for its efforts to preserve Islamic culture, history, and legacy. The architecture has strong Emirati roots. The city's attractions are museums, mosques, souqs, and parks such as the Sharjah Desert Park, Al Qasba, Blue Souk, Al Majaz Waterfront, and Sharjah Aquarium. You may get Arabic rugs, gold, silver, and gemstones.

Worldwide, travel businesses are investigating technology-based marketing approaches that use creative, low-cost methods. Travel agents have a difficult time competing with travel platforms. Few travel companies use their developers, while some hire travel portal developers. The United States, India, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Asia all seek travel portal apps and software. API integration for hotel, airline, vacation package, vehicle rental, bus, cruise, and insurance reservations is provided by B2B and B2C travel site development companies. Do you want to have a travel portal development in Sharjah? Then choose Trip Mega Mart.

Travel portal features include:

1. Booking domestic and international flights: The online travel portal will be linked to the airline reservation procedure via an API that takes data from the backend and graphically presents it on the front end. Trip Mega Mart allows Sharjah travel agencies to create a flight-and-hotel booking engine. After picking the result, the user is sent to the payment gateway.

2. Hotel Booking: Travel portals check their inventory for 'Hotels,' and the API returns the best price. The payment gateway is linked to the hotel API.

3. Car Booking: Similar to the 'Hotel Booking function,' this API searches for the best options in the specified city. It then establishes a connection with the payment gateway.

4. Bus Booking: The API gives the best choices before sending the customer to the payment gateway. Trip Mega Mart creates the website and app for Sharjah's bus ticket booking. Travel companies use CMS to create customized local and worldwide vacation packages. Travel websites accept online form submissions.

5. Foreign Conversion: Reliable travel websites provide the most recent currency exchange rates to help customers make the best purchasing decisions. All payments are handled through payment gateways. Online, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other credit cards are accepted. When a booking is confirmed, or a PNR is created, this API sends an SMS to the consumer.

6. Administration: For travel sites, layered admin panels are defined. The travel platform allows agents to fund their accounts using the log-in option, up to a specific limit, and to book cheap flights and hotels.

  • Sub-users may be created; they can examine booking data and track reservation progress.
  • Cancellation APIs are accessible.
  • Invoice and voucher verification
  • Design components for a travel gateway

A website that is search engine friendly is also vital. Trip Mega Mart specializes in B2B/B2C travel web portal experience, UI/UX, and booking and hotel APIs management.

Travel Portal Development in Sharjah

Trip Mega Mart can assist you in establishing a Sharjah travel business. In Sharjah, they provide hotel booking software, reservation systems, and GDS Flight API Integration. Travel industry platforms increase income and inquiries by assisting Sharjah travel firms with travel portal design and development. They create B2B and B2C booking engines for flights, hotels, vehicles, cruises, tour packages, and buses. Travel agents, consolidators, corporate travel advisers, hotels, and tour operators are all served by Trip Mega Mart. Their experience ranges from small to major travel sites. They provide:

  • Airlines 
  • Travel agencies
  • Tour operators 
  • Consolidators use airline booking websites and applications.

Making a hotel reservation

Trip Mega Mart creates hotel reservation systems all around the world. They provide a web-based hotel booking solution that is automated and user-friendly.

Rental vehicle web portal

Sharjah car rental companies use Trip Mega Mart's unique booking, fleet, and smartphone apps.

App for traveling

They specialize in travel websites and applications. Among their travel app development skills are online ticket purchasing, reservations, local search, route guidance, and GPS navigation.

  • Travel website redesign
  • Web development and design
  • Web page modification
  • Website redesign
  • Web redesign and portal renovation
  • Vacation Deals
  • Sharjah web and app development

They provide responsive travel websites and portals that increase user involvement. Trip Mega Mart can assist you in starting or expanding a travel business in Sharjah.

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