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Medina is a beautiful city in western part of Saudi Arabia. Medina is one of the most revered pilgrimage centers of the Islamic world and thousands of people visit the city every year. The mosques in this city are stunning architectural pieces that deserve to be seen by tourists from all countries of the world.

This regular influx of tourists to Medina has created a need for various hotels and other tourism related establishments in the area. Another business which has grown rapidly in the area is the sector of online travel portal solutions. Travel portal development is now a simple, easy and affordable process that allows anyone to become an entrepreneur in just a few simple steps.

Best travel website development company in Saudi Arabia for new entrepreneurs

  • Trip Mega Mart is the most well-known travel portal design and development company in Saudi Arabia
  • They are specialized in creating B2B and B2C travel websites that are customizable. This is called white label travel portal development. Businesses purchase a basic website they like and then they make changes to the list of features and their branding is added to the website design to make it customized for their business
  • Trip Mega Mart websites are compatible with mobile devices, laptops, computers and tablets. Business owners can save their money by avoiding investing in different applications for different devices
  • The sites are also scalable, which means that every business owner has the option to cater to only local/regional clients or they can serve an international clientele
  • Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions have many admin controls as well that make it easier for business owners to manage the content of their site as and when they like without having to hire a team of dedicated software developers
  • Another very important feature of Trip Mega Mart sites is the fact that they come with a very prompt support service. For the first year after purchase business owners get this support service for free. But from the second year onwards they have to pay an annual fee, which is mandatory. The annual fee is around one-fourth of the total original cost of the website.

Essential features for successful online travel agencies

  • Trip Mega Mart portals have gained a lot of success under the banner of different travel brands. A major reason for this success has been the kind of convenience they can offer customers
  • Each portal has GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. The sites have their own flight booking engine and hotel booking engine that can show real time data from different suppliers. Customers can plan all their travel arrangements from one source, there is no need for the confusing process of comparing different supplier sites
  • The GDS integration service can be used for holiday package systems and car rental systems and other booking engines as well
  • Customers can pay for all these services through Trip Mega Mart’s native payment gateways that are integrated into their portals. Various safety precautions are also included within the payment gateways to prevent issues related to cybercrime and data security
  • The design of Trip Mega Mart portals is also very sophisticated as they look very good visually. Business owners can customize what they want their site to look like
  • No two sites end up looking the same. After adding the brand name of the client business, the design team incorporates various customizations to make the site the best fit for its target market

A white label travel portal is a much cheaper and a much faster form of starting a business than traditional physical websites or even a new website created from the ground up. Trip Mega Mart portals are reasonably priced, get delivered within seven days and the business can be run from home while raking in large profits.

Some clients who have a specific problem-solving need in mind, can market their websites to grow into a recognizable brand in less than a year’s time. So, take this opportunity and achieve rapid career growth by purchasing your own Trip Mega Mart portal today. Book an appointment with a consultant to choose your designs and features and place the order for customization right away.

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