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Riyadh in its modern avatar is as spellbinding as it was several centuries ago in its older avatar. Yet, both these eras co-exist in harmony. As much as one can see the sparkle and glisten of malls and shopping arcades, so too one can see ancient Arabic homes and astounding mosques. Travel agencies can provide exotic Riyadh tours using Trip Mega Mart travel portal developers in UAE to allow visitors to experience all of Riyadh’s richness.

Riyadh is famous for many things. Tourists from all over the world visit this city as part of religious tours. The Hajj pilgrimage is the main spiritual tour, considered as the holiest in Islam. People visit Islam’s holiest city, the Mecca, and embrace the spiritual fervor of this place. A travel agency can facilitate Hajj travels using Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution in UAE.

Those who make their spiritual pilgrimages still do take several travel services. And these visitors need accommodations, hotels, leisure activities, and car rentals. A travel agency can do well to capture this customer segment and attend to their needs.

A travel agency can become flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in UAE. It can also build flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in UAE too. By doing this, the travel agency can become a medium for independent travel agents to connect to travelers. This type of technology can be built by Trip Mega Mart Travel Website Development in UAE.

Apart from spiritual pilgrimages, people from all other faiths visit Riyadh as well. They visit the city to experience its rich legacy. Ever since the Saudi Arabian government started to invest heavily in tourism, Riyadh has become a focal point. There are innumerable avenues for relaxation, leisure, food, dining, fun activities, and adventure in and around Riyadh.

How can a travel agency leverage a travel portal solution in Riyadh to serve travelers to Riyadh?

  • One of the biggest benefits of traveling to Riyadh is that it is inexpensive to visit this city. April is considered the month that has really low airfare rates. It is the time when the local tourism has its off-season.
  • But that doesn’t deter international tourists, especially the adventure seeking ones, to come and soak into the sands, beaches, abundant sunlight and adventures at Riyadh. When setting up a travel agency business in UAE, a travel agency can use Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development Company in UAE to build a flight reservation system in UAE for off-season tours to Riyadh.
  • Another one of the ways a travel portal solution can be used to serve travelers is to facilitate job tours. A travel agency can create a travel portal using the technological infrastructure of a B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE firm, to facilitate job tours.
  • It can even be a module on an existing travel portal site. Using this module, travelers to Riyadh can get a sense of the job market in Riyadh. They understand the accommodation requirements, budget, flight services, transportation requirements, and several other details regarding their proposed stay in Riyadh.
  • Riyadh is an upcoming city. There are plenty of job opportunities in Riyadh and surrounding regions. Many travelers, who visited Riyadh, have considered or are considering finding a job or starting a business in Riyadh.
  • Fueling this trend is the Saudi Arabian government’s support, especially to new business owners. With funds being easily available, and a strong government initiative to promote job creation, Riyadh will produce lots of jobs.
  • Given the impetus to tourism in the past years, there will be numerous jobs created by the travel and tourism sector. So, it won’t be long when a majority of people who visit Riyadh will be the ones who have already been offered a job, or want to visit the city to look for one, or those who are entrepreneurs and have setup business opportunities in Riyadh.
  • Therefore, creating a module in a travel portal dedicated for job tourism is one of the ways how to develop travel portal in UAE using Trip Mega Mart travel portal development in UAE and low travel portal development cost in UAE.
  • Travel agencies can support this trend by providing supporting digital infrastructure. A travel agency need not necessarily become a recruitment agency. But at least it can integrate recruitment agencies into its travel portal.
  • This type of integration of recruitment services can be made along with regular GDS flight API integration in UAE and low GDS flight API integration cost in UAE using Trip Mega Mart international travel portal development in UAE.

The travel agency can provide job tours – a specialized service that facilitates job seeking youth and experienced workers to visit the city, search for jobs, and land their dream jobs successfully. Trip Mega Mart online travel portal development in UAE can provide the supporting digital infrastructure for this.

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