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Riyadh is a beautiful city that serves as the capital of Saudi Arabia. The city has rich cultural values that attracts tourists from different corners. Though tourism is not very popular in Riyadh, the government is keen on changing that by allowing single entry visas to the city. Hence, exploring places like Al Masmak Fort, Murabba Palace, Deerah Souq, Deera Square, and Diriyah are now easier for travelers.

The rise in demand for traveling has encouraged many new innovations to improve customer experience. Travel portals are one such addition to the tools of conducting a better business. These are platforms that support the purchasing of travel products. Unlike travel websites that only provide information about a place, portals allow travelers to make bookings. With portals, operators can start travel agency business online in UAE faster and with greater success.

How to Start Travel Business in Riyadh

  • One important step in setting up a travel agency business in UAE is creating a business plan. Whether you want to have other business providers as your customers or the travelers will determine the kind of platform that you will need for the business. B2B white label travel portal development in UAE can help you to sell your travel products to related businesses. However, if you want travelers to make direct purchases from you, you can opt for B2C white label travel portal development in UAE. Based on the platform you choose; you can look for investors.
  • Registering your business is another important step in starting a travel business. UAE allows companies to register as travel agents, outbound operators, or inbound operators. You need to provide a unique name to your company along with complying to the norms that the government specifies for appropriate naming of companies. Tourism authority mandates the obtaining of a license to conduct business in the country. If you plan for GDS flight API integration in UAE, then you must seek approval from the Civil Aviation officials. Once you finish off with the legal procedures, you need to find an efficient company that provides travel technology solution in UAE.
  • Travel Portal development companies, like Trip Mega Mart, provide various options to travel agents for their websites. You can either go for a start-to-end process of building your travel portal, or choose white label travel portal solution. Unlike the other kinds of portals, white label travel portals allow you to choose from pre-designed templates so that you do not spend time doing the basics. Travel agents usually prefer this platform over the others. 

White Label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in Riyadh

White label travel portals allow you to jumpstart your business. There are several benefits that you get from white label travel portals.

  • Integration of Products: You can upscale or downscale your business any time with the easy integration process of white label travel portal. The travel portal enables the integration of flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in UAE. You can give access to your customers to real-time availability status of hotels and flights. But if you choose to add or remove products at a later stage of the business, you can do that on the same platform. Trip Mega Mart can help you with such convenient amendments in your business.
  • Increase in Customer Base: Travel portals are a great source of reaching out to customers. You can spread the word about your company to millions of internet users in no time. Travel portals allow the posting of customer reviews and feedback. You can gain the confidence of new prospects and also retain existing customers. Using the expertise of travel portal developers in UAE, like Trip Mega Mart, you can offer customers with various offers to encourage them for sharing feedback on your services.
  • Better Customer Service: Travel portals are a useful tool for maintaining uninterrupted communication with customers. Rather than contacting agents over phone calls, travelers can raise their queries on the portal. You can use automatic responses for frequently asked questions and provide faster resolutions. You can also stay connected to your customers from any location and at all times.

Travel Portal Features

Different companies providing travel portal development in UAE offers different features. Here are some essential features that a portal must have for maximum efficiency.

  • Integration to payment gateways so that customers can pay for the products they buy from your portal through a secure platform.
  • Accessibility on smart devices to allow customers access your portal from locations that are convenient for them.
  • Optimized content and images on the portal to ensure sufficient visibility among your competitors operating from the internet.
  • Integration to maps so that customers can locate right on the platform the services that they book from your portal.

These key features of travel portals facilitate the benefits that you get from using the portals. A team of professionals, such as Trip Mega Mart, can provide the most appropriate design for your portal that will let you to start travel business from home in UAE.

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