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Most travel enthusiasts dream of visiting cities like Riyadh and Jeddah located in Saudi Arabia. These cities are visually stunning with their combination of ultra-modern architecture and facilities paired with traditional historical structures. Saudi Arabia has become a major tourist attraction in the Middle East. It presents to the world the remnants of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

Travel businesses have thrived in Saudi Arabia for quite a few years, but now there are some new competitors in the market. Online travel businesses are quickly cropping up all over the country and cutting into the profit margins of their traditional physical counterparts.

Ideas to start online travel agency business in UAE

  • A great way that many entrepreneurs are starting up small investment travel businesses is with the help of white label travel portals. These are almost like pre-fabricated websites with all travel related features built into them and are delivered to clients with some basic customizations.
  • Trip Mega Mart is one of the most popular firms for travel portal solution in Saudi Arabia. Their B2B and B2C white label travel portal development in UAE covers all the basic fundamentals of travel agency services. They offer clients GDS flight API integration in UAE by which the travel website can track real time flight data from a number of different airline carriers. Trip Mega Mart can also offer their business owners flight and hotel aggregators for travel agents in UAE, car rental systems, etc.
  • These work based on a high quality of API service purchase from the leading API suppliers in the industry. Trip Mega Mart is also well known for their payment portals. Each website has its own in-built payment portal that is fully encrypted and can perform transactions very quickly. Third-party payment portal integration is also very simple and allows website owners to offer their clients a huge variety of payment method options.
  • Trip Mega Mart online travel portal development in UAE is also known for its admin access features. Clients can make minor changes to their website after delivery using these access codes, but they do not have to use any complex software codes. The websites are also optimized for mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet viewing.
  • Another major aspect of Trip Mega Mart travel portal development in UAE is that the websites can be scaled up majorly as and when deemed necessary. A business that starts operating at the local level today can be operated as an international travel portal later on in the future when the business grows.

Website design and online travel portal development in UAE

  • Trip Mega Mart has a highly talented team of website designers working on all their projects. These employees create website designs with visually pleasing aesthetics and a seamless user-experience.
  • Each and every single website is also delivered after some primary customizations like adding the business name and business logo of the client. Some clients also choose to pay extra to make other changes to the website design to better fit into their brand aesthetics.
  • But the most important task of Trip Mega Mart website designers is ensuring that their websites have a completely intuitive user-interface. Anyone with just some minor experience of handling online platforms will be easily able to navigate across the site and make their travel plans.

Cost of Trip Mega Mart travel website development in UAE

  • Trip Mega Mart believes in making business ownership affordable. They provide a lot of flexibility in their pricing with different website plans. Each plan is a package deal of certain features and customizations. Additional features can be added with small extra charges.
  • Trip Mega Mart travel websites can also have in-built travel agent portals if clients pay extra for this feature. There is however, an annual maintenance fee for all Trip Mega Mart websites. This fee is 15% of the initial website development cost. The payment is used to cover the API service for the website and its backend maintenance.
  • Most website owners who purchase their white label travel website from Trip Mega Mart are able to accrue this 15% in just a few months of starting their business. They can begin their business from home without any additional investments. The only major investment is the website itself- so white label travel websites can be considered a low investment but high reward business model.
  • Business owners get all their functional features developed from Trip Mega Mart itself, they only need to focus on marketing and advertising. Creativity in marketing helps an online business stand out from the others and builds brand awareness.

So, if you think you have what it takes to become a successful business owner in Saudi Arabia then get your Trip Mega Mart quote today. Plan your finances and make the investment into Saudi Arabia’s growing travel and tourism sector. As cities like Riyadh gain international recognition among travel communities more and more people will flock to the country making it ideal for travel businesses to thrive in the area.

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