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Kuwait was for long known as an oil-rich country. But the Kuwait of today is full of modern skyscrapers and urban charms. It is one of the reasons to start travel agency business in UAE or start international travel agency Business in UAE with Trip Mega Mart portals to help visitors experience this modern avatar of this booming nation.

How can a travel agency use a travel portal solution in Kuwait to serve travelers to Kuwait?

Arrange festival tours of Kuwait

  • Celebrating life with fireworks and aplomb comes naturally to the people of Kuwait. Be it cultural or religious festivals, observance for festivals and the celebration of them is done in grandeur. Even national festivals and events are conducted with much patriotic fervor. Festivals are a part of life of natives as much as the immigrants. The latter have imbibed the Kuwaiti way of life. As part of it, festivals and festivities are eagerly awaited and participated by them too.
  • On festival tours, travelers to Kuwait can come to Kuwait on this country’s Independence Day, also called the Kuwait National Day. This day is on the 25th of February. Although the festival is only for a day, there is a prelude to it. Celebrations begin before the actual day in several parts of the country. Theatricals are performed to portray Kuwait’s tryst with independence and how it achieved it. Several other public festivities are conducted to symbolize national unity and integrity.
  • Another popular festival in Kuwait that is not well-known in other Gulf countries is Qadir-e-Khumm. In this festival people offer their gratitude to Imam Ali. It is believed that he was the successor to the prophet. In this regard, another religious festival that is celebrated so as to observe the birthday of the prophet is the Mawlid Al Nabi Al Sharif festival. On this day, people offer their prayers, and invite people for dinner.
  • A travel agency or anyone looking for travel start-ups ideas in UAE or travel franchise opportunities in UAE or travel start-up opportunities in UAE can facilitate such festival tours via a travel portal.  Using the services of a B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE firm is the best way to build travel portals with functionality to support such use cases. Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE is a highly preferred B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE firm for this world over.

Kuwait City tour

  • Touring Kuwait is about experiencing diversity. Slender structured Kuwait Towers are a sight to behold. The large and impressive Grand Mosque of Kuwait is breathtaking. Then there are the bustling markets which present a unique culture that is hard to miss. Equally distributed in the city are parks, cafes, restaurants, and museums.  There is much to see and do in Kuwait City.
  • A travel agency can facilitate such tours via its Trip Mega Mart travel portal. Using customized travel portal development in UAE at low travel portal development cost in UAE, visitors can be given the facility to pick and choose the services they require. The travel agency can even serve residents of Kuwait too. There is simply no restriction as to the scope of travelers, travel service seekers, and travel services that can be served and offered.

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