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Qatar is a country in the United Arab Emirates that is filled with historic structures and a strong cultural dominance. The place offers the views of both beaches and deserts. Doha, Al Wakra, Al Rayyan, Al Khor, Al Zubara, and Dukhan are a few of the popular towns and cities in Qatar. As the country finds visitors from different geographical locations, the online market is the best way to start travel agency business in UAE.

Features of Travel Portals

You can add various features to your portal. With the aim of simplifying businesses, travel portals are capable of supporting multiple features that can make arranging trips an uncomplicated process for both the travelers and the agents. Here are some of the important features that you must seek for your portal.

Accurate Search Results

Your portal must have all the advanced technologies needed to yield accurate results. For instance, when travelers search with a hotel name or a specific tourist spot, the website must provide the correct name of the location. Features like this helps in establishing the brand of your business and paving way for more customers.

Attractive Website

Since traveling is all about visual appeal, it is important to have a website that offers customers a visual treat. Trip Mega Mart can help you select the appropriate layout for your website. When you have superior quality images of the locations you cater to along with a clear content, you give travelers some additional reasons to make a purchase.

Transparent Pricing

You gain the confidence of customers when you keep no information hidden from them. So, make sure that you let the customers know every detail of your travel products. This also includes pricing. Keeping customers informed about the charges facilitates trust as well as a better business.

How to Start Travel Business Online in UAE?

Starting a travel business in Qatar will call for compliance to specific guidelines. You will need a Tourism Agency License to be able to support a flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in UAE on your website. You will have to apply for and obtain tax registration, commercial registration, and other travel service-related registrations to legalize your business.

You will have to submit a memorandum of article and your bank statement during the company registration process. You will also have to seek approval from the Civil Aviation for integrating your portal to the flight reservation system in UAE. Another important aspect of registering your travel business is naming your company. You should not propose a name that is already associated with any business or has an offensive meaning.

Once you fulfill the legal formalities, you can start travel agency business online in UAE with the assistance of professional web development companies such as Trip Mega Mart.

Travel Portal Development Company in Qatar

Travel portal development is easy with experts like Trip Mega Mart. You can collaborate with portal developers and build a white label platform for your travel business. The platforms ensure that you reach your target customers in the most effective way. If you intend to sell your travel products to customers who make the purchases, B2C white label travel portal development in UAE will be the ideal choice for you. However, the choice of domain must be relevant to your business plan.

Travel portal developers in UAE can add a lot to your business. Find out the various ways that you can benefit from the expert services.

  • Quick business take off- portal developers make setting up a travel agency business in UAE possible without delays. You may or may not have the required technical knowledge to build the website. Portal developers will do all the basic work for you to ensure you can start off your business in no time. Platforms like white labels come with all the attributes of a portal that can accelerate the growth of your business.
  • Technical assistance- website development companies like Trip Mega Mart provides clients with the necessary assistance after delivering the project. This allows you to acclimatize to the portal navigation. You can arrange training for your team members and let them grasp the details before they start operating the portal.
  • Customization- Trip Mega Mart is a white label travel portal development company in UAE that offers you the scope to make the portal suitable for your business. You can integrate to the portal as many features as required. You can design your company logo, decide the font, and use set markups. You can also add multiple pages to the website based on your requirements.

So, to start international travel agency business in UAE, you will need a good team of website designers who can address your business needs with a transparent and beautifully designed portal. In addition to that, you will have to take care of the guidelines stated by the Qatar government for setting up a business.

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