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In recent years Saudi Arabia has become a popular tourist destination for all the rich and the famous from all over the world. They come to Saudi Arabia to enjoy picturesque locations, immersive travel experiences and beautiful cities. Dammam is one such city of Saudi Arabia. It is a major center of the country with the fifth largest urban population of the whole country. There are a number of entertainment parks and historical sites located in Dammam that act as additional attractions beyond the good views, good food and vibrant culture.

Any entrepreneur with a keen eye will easily be able to discern the huge growth potential in the travel and tourism sector of Saudi Arabia. If you also fall under the list of these discerning individuals, then do not waste your insight any longer and put it into application with your very own online travel portal solution.

Is white label travel portal in Dammam the right choice for you?

Generally, the decision to start a business rests heavily on the risk appetite of the business owner. For online travel portals, the risk is quite low and the rewards are comparatively much higher. This ratio becomes even more favorable when taking into account the lower cost and execution time for white label travel portal development.

Unlike the traditional development process of hiring software engineers, in white label development, a business owner purchases a pre-made website at a very low cost, this website is customized to their business brand and delivered ready for business in just a few days.

Trip Mega Mart is a top travel technology company and has gained popularity in the Saudi Arabian market for creating B2B and B2C travel websites of a very high quality.

  • Trip Mega Mart sites are optimized for different devices – the same website gives high performance on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are also scalable – the business owner gets to decide whether they want their business to be local, regional or global
  • Trip Mega Mart also gives their clients a large admin panel to manage their site content independently without needing to hire a dedicated technical team
  • Trip Mega Mart creates businesses that basically have no running cost except for the mandatory annual fee
  • This annual fee covers third-party services like API integration and also the Trip Mega Mart support service for clients
  • The annual fee is one-fourth of initial website cost and is charged every year from the second year of purchase
  • Overall Trip Mega Mart sites are quite cheap and some basic customizations like addition of brand name and brand logo are included within the initial price package
  • The API service from a third-party supplier runs Trip Mega Mart’s most unique and interesting feature, the travel booking engines
  • Trip Mega Mart sites have flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental systems, holiday package systems and much more which run on API and GDS integration service. These engines collect data from different suppliers in real time and allow customers to make their bookings from one central source
  • Customers pay for their bookings using Trip Mega Mart’s own secured payment system or they use any popular third-party gateway which can integrate with these sites very easily

Looking beyond features to build a successful business

The features and reliable back-end of Trip Mega Mart websites have made them highly popular among all travel planners and tourists. But simply a good range of features is not enough to stand out in today’s market.

Trip Mega Mart sites use their UI-UX designs to create a unique impression on the customer. The interface is generally intuitive and allows for a smooth and easy navigation experience for all customers. There is also plenty of scope for design customizations to make the brand identity and the website design harmonious with each other. Generally customers build brand recognition using their first contact with the online website so it is very important to have a well-planned design for proper execution of marketing strategies.

Trip Mega Mart sites have their own system of providing customers with services and experiences which will provide satisfaction and ease of usage. This has become the success formula for many businesses worldwide. If you want this kind of easy success as well then join Trip Mega Mart today and start building your dream business piece by piece.

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