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Damman is one of the largest cities in Saudi Arabia that offers tourists a beautiful landscape. Popular for its parks and beaches, Damman witnesses a huge crowd of travelers every year. The city has markets and street-art exhibitions that allows the visitors of the city to experience the culture of Kuwait.

There are also several luxurious hotels and resorts where travelers get to enjoy their holidays comfortably. All these amenities of the city give ample scopes to travel agents who wish to start travel business online. But catering to the tourist population can be difficult in the absence of an internet-based platform.

Features of Travel Agency Software

There are various features that travel agents can add to their travel portals to make it beneficial for their business.

Virtual Reality

Tourism portal development allows agents to offer their customers virtual experience of different travel services. If a customer books hotels from your portal, you can use the feature or virtual reality and let the customer take a virtual tour of the property. This is not just helpful for the customers to understand the property better, but can also help you in creating a positive impression about your business.

Responsive Design

To have a responsive design means you can connect to customers at different locations. Travel portal that has a user-friendly interface can help agents to win the trust and loyalty of customers as they would feel an ease in navigating through your portal. You can hire a reputed travel mobile application development company like Trip Mega Mart that would ensure that you have an appropriate design for your portal.


When travelers opt for online bookings, they expect things to proceed faster without delays. By hiring a professional travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart you can integrate various useful features on your portal with which you can cater to the needs of your customers within a short period of time. You can send them an update on their reservation instantly. You can also process and confirm cancellation requests of customers without keeping them waiting for several days.

Integration to Map

Another feature of a travel portal that has proven to be extremely helpful for travelers is the integration of the platform to the Google Map. This feature allows customers to gain maximum information about the area that they choose to travel to. With Trip Mega Mart you can offer your customers an accurate understanding of the locality in which they opt to reserve hotel rooms or other travel services.

Why opt for Travel Portal Development in Dammam?

Building a travel portal can benefit your travel business in multiple ways.

  • Customized Solutions - With skilled portal development companies you can customize your products and offer customers a holiday package system that is tailored to their needs. In addition, you can customize your portal and include features that are specific to the requirements of your business. Trip Mega Mart allows agents to customize their travel websites and pay only for features that they find essential for their businesses.
  • Business Expansion - Growth travel businesses become much easier with portals. As you can implement various advanced technologies to your portal, you can conduct a greater number of tasks at a relatively lesser time. You can also reach out to a greater number of customers due to the availability of an internet-based network.
  • Customer Service - With a travel portal solution you can improve your services and address the concerns of your customers much faster. Resolving queries of customers helps you to build a good reputation for your brand. You would not just save the time of your customers but also ensure that you have more sales in your business.
  • Product Choice - Another benefit that you can obtain from travel portal development is adding a range of services to your business. You can assess the market and demand of travel products and make necessary changes to your business model.

Developing a portal for your travel business can help you greatly in growing your business. You can enhance the utility of the platform with the addition of certain essential features like maps and virtual experiences. Once you obtain a portal that is caters perfectly to your business needs, you can explore the travel industry in multiple directions.

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