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Riyadh has undergone a makeover. Or at least it is in the process of one. A once landlocked city that had an ultraconservative culture is now becoming a thriving touristic destination. Going by its current state, it is a great time to use Trip Mega Mart Travel Portal Developers in UAE to start travel agency for Riyadh tourism.

  • Riyadh is now becoming a city that hosts theatricals, sporting events, and concerts. There are movie theaters here. All of these events and concerts can be part of a travel portal.
  • Trip Mega Mart can build this travel technology solution in UAE so that visitors can see, peruse, and book such shows. Travel agencies can use the services of this B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE firm to help build such solutions.
  • Visitors to Riyadh, either on business or leisure, want to explore the culture here. Saudi Tourism has therefore revamped numerous cultural and heritage sites. So that they can be ready to be viewed by millions of tourists. Information on these sites can be provided on a Trip Mega Mart portal, when setting up a travel agency business in UAE for Riyadh tours.
  • As much as the heritage of Riyadh beckons, so does it sprawling urban landscape. Lavish malls and modern structures dot the city’s landscape. High rise complexes and hotels are everywhere. Using Trip Mega Mart Travel Website Development in UAE urban tourism in Riyadh can be arranged for travelers.

How can travel agencies use travel portal development to serve visitors to Riyadh?

1. Help arrange business visits

  • Riyadh hosts numerous international conferences. International conferences on advances in business management. International conference on E-Education. International conference on Economics. International media and broadcast expo. Food expo.
  • The list of international conferences, events, summits, and seminars is unending. It means that there is a huge inbound traffic comprising of business travelers, delegates, officials, government servants, celebrities etc. Business travelers can be given a specialized Trip Mega Mart Flight Reservation System in UAE to book flights to Riyadh.
  • Given the extent of business travelers entering Riyadh, it is imperative that they receive good travel services. A travel agency can serve business travelers in a myriad of ways using Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development Company in UAE.
  • The travel agency can provide automated services via a travel portal built by Trip Mega Mart B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE and B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE.
  • The services can range from booking accommodations, to car rentals, to leisure activities, and flights. There is no limit to the number of services provided via a travel portal built by a custom White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE firm. A travel agency’s scope of activities and services are vast considering that business travelers will have innumerable requirements.
  • Travelers are looking for information. They want to understand visa restrictions. They want a handle of the rules and norms of various regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They want to check for facilities at hotels and pre-book them. A travel agency can do well by offering such services. It will also attract investments from travel franchise opportunities in UAE.

2. Arrange adrenaline tours in Riyadh

Some famous ones being the Edge of the World hiking tour – which is an exhilarating trek to the top of Tuwaiq cliffs. The Al Ahsa Oasis tour is another well-known thrilling activity. Visitors are treated to something unusual – a vibrantly green oasis and refreshing springs. The Jabal Abyad hike is another preferred activity. Called the white mountain, trekking and riding an ATM bike here is a thrilling activity.

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