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Ar Rayyan is a stunning city in the country of Qatar. Qatar has emerged in the last few decades as a global luxury center and the rich and the famous from all over the world visit this part of the world frequently. Ar Rayyan is no exception and also has many top shopping destinations, luxury resorts and five-star restaurants.

Another major tourist attraction for Ar Rayyan is the numerous museums and theme parks that are housed within the city. There is still a lot of opportunity for the expansion of the travel industry in Qatar. So, it may be a good decision to start a travel agency business in Ar Rayyan at this point of time.

Continue reading to find out how to go about the process is the most cost-effective way.

White label travel portals for low-cost digital solutions in Qatar

The traditional travel agencies of the earlier times are no longer profitable. The infrastructural cost of running a physical office cannot be compensated by the number of customers who visit the office. Most customers now prefer to do their travel planning from home. So online travel portal solutions are becoming the most popular form of travel business at present. But travel portal development is not a very easy task and can be quite expensive because one needs to hire skilled software developers for the process.

So, a much more cost-effective shortcut has now appeared on the market. That is white label travel portal development. In this process a pre-made website is sold to different businesses and before the sale, the site is customized for various brands.

The top travel portal design and development company in Qatar is Trip Mega Mart. They sell a wide variety of white label travel portal solutions. Each site is carefully designed with various travel related features and an eye-catching user-interface. Clients can customize this list of features and designs by paying a little extra on the website cost. But Trip Mega Mart includes basic personalization like adding the business name and branding within the cost package of the website.

No office space is needed to run this white label online business. Once purchased, the site is delivered within seven days and can be run from home. The only cost the business owner has to bear is the mandatory annual maintenance fee of Trip Mega Mart. This fee is 25% of the total website cost, but this fee is exempted for the first year after purchase.

Essential features of a white label development plan for travel agency software

  • All Trip Mega Mart portals have high quality GDS integration service. This allows the site to run travel booking engines with real-time input from various suppliers. There can be flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental systems and holiday package systems.
  • Trip Mega Mart also has a great native payment portal built into all their sites. This system provides data security and quick processing for transactions. Third-part payment gateways can also be easily integrated into the site.
  • A major advantage of creating B2B and B2C travel websites via Trip Mega Mart is the fact the business owners can avoid the hassle of getting separate applications for different devices. Trip Mega Mart sites are multi-device compatible. The sites are also scalable and a single site can be made to operate at local/regional/global level.
  • Trip Mega Mart has a large number of admin controls for ease of usage of the website owners as well. The owners can use these controls to manage most of their website content without needing to refer to software coders on a regular basis.
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are very thoughtfully designed to provide the best user-experience. The UI is completely intuitive, no matter what design preferences are suggested by the website owner. There is also a lot of scope for customizations to make brand sites instantly recognizable.
  • Trip Mega Mart creates sturdy websites with a strong back-end and a smooth front-end so that customers can have a seamless experience even when there is heavy traffic flow to the site.

So, if you want to become a business owner, but are afraid of the financial risk, then online travel portal development may be the low-risk, low investment solution that you have been searching for. Call Trip Mega Mart today to get the most reliable partner for your journey into entrepreneurship.

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