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Dammam is one of the popular cities in Saudi Arabia where tourism forms an important part of the economy. The city is developed with all modern amenities that can meet the needs of travelers. This gives a major boost to the tourism industry of this city. Marjan island, Dolphin village, Heritage village, King Fahad Park, Cobra Entertainment City, Mahara Carting Track, and Aljoharah Museum are some of the top spots that attract visitors to Dammam. If you want to start online travel business agency here, you will be able to find many different opportunities. However, you would need the support of an online platform in order to fulfill the demands of the large number of tourists who come to Dammam from various countries.

Benefits of Portals

If you want to start travel agency business in Dammam with convenience, then a travel portal is the tool that you must look out for.

  • Instant Services: Portals allow you to complete the various tasks instantly as well as efficiently. Instead of keeping customers in long queues for knowing the status of their booking requests, you can process the requests within a few minutes. Moreover, you can send customers a confirmation of their service request status instantly. If you receive cancellation requests from your customers, you can also process and confirm it instantly without delaying the process.
  • Business Management: Tourism portal development helps travel agents to manage their business with greater convenience. You can provide a single platform to all your resources to access your business transactions. This will help you to maintain record of the transactions without losing data. With a cloud-based travel portal, you can access your business transactions from remote locations. This will further give a better control of your business.
  • Payment Options: Travel services are commonly booked by travelers residing in different parts of the world. This makes it important for agents to be able to offer travelers with multiple payments options so that they can choose what suits them best. With a professional travel website/portal development company, such as Trip Mega Mart, you can add to your portal various options for payments. You can also ensure the security of your customers' data with a reliable gateway.
  • Better Service: Another advantage of using a travel agency software is that you can offer customers a much better service than they could have received with a physical agency. Online travel platforms allow travelers to connect with agents as per their convenience. Rather than waiting in long queues to get their queries resolved, travelers can chat with agents and find the required solution to their problems. With portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart, you can build chatbots and interact with your customers throughout the day.

Features of Portals

There are certain features that you can add to your travel portal and obtain an effective travel portal solution for your business.

  • Bookmark - With Trip Mega Mart, you can offer customers the facility to add services or products in their favorite list that they can refer to for their future orders. This feature is helpful in saving the time of customers to find their desired services. Instead of entering the details again and again, they can simply place purchase requests for items from their favorite list.
  • Quick Booking - With GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration to your portal you can process booking requests of customers instantly. This feature also allows your customers to check the availability status. They can compare the prices of the different service providers and choose the best deal.
  • Multiple Languages - With a skilled travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart, you can design your portal in multiple languages. This feature plays a crucial role for travel businesses as travelers from across the countries get to access the platform in their preferred language. This means you can connect with more customers and increase the sale of your products.

With such relevant features, you can offer your customers different payment options, offer instant resolution to their problems, and improve the service you provide to them. You can connect with customer without facing any geographical barrier. In short, the huge number of benefits that travel portals offer can let you successfully start travel business online in Dammam.

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