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Yemen is a beautiful country of Western Asia. It has a beautiful heritage and lots of historical sites that bear evidence to its long history. Located at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen has held on its west Asian roots in terms of its art and cuisine and tourists primarily come to this country to get a first-hand experience of this vibrant culture. In recent decades tourism in Yemen was disrupted due to some internal political issues in the country, but now those problems are on the way to resolution and tourism in the country is picking up again.

If you start travel agency business in Yemen you will be able to cater to lots of international tourists who want to visit Yemeni cities like Marib, Hadiboh, etc.

How to start the process of acquiring your own travel agency software

In today’s times, it is no longer necessary or even economical to run a physical travel agency office. The travel industry is slowly becoming almost exclusively digital, and travel portal solutions are now the most popular option among travel entrepreneurs. These days, there is no need to even hire developers to create your own travel portal solution. Businesses can just purchase a pre-made site from a travel technology company.

When clients come to Trip Mega Mart, they pick out a pattern they like from their existing portfolio of travel agency software. The client then puts in requests for their customizations. These customizations are added, the brand name and logo of the client business are also added, and the site is delivered in less than a week’s time. Trip Mega Mart sites are also very affordable and the businesses are cost-effective in the future as well.

There is almost no operating cost for a Trip Mega Mart online business, except for the mandatory annual support fee which is one-fourth of the total website cost. This fee is charged from the second year of purchase and needs to be paid every year so that the business owner can continue to operate certain features on their sites which require paid services of other providers (like GDS API service, etc).

The customer-centric features of Trip Mega Mart travel portal development

  • Trip Mega Mart sites have an immaculate website design. The UI is intuitive and the user-experience is smooth and simple with easy navigation and one-step actions.
  • The designs are also very aesthetically appealing. The business owner gets a lot of scope for customizations in terms of web-design so that their site can reflect their unique brand identity and become a tool for building brand recognition among customers
  • Trip Mega Mart sites have GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. Customers can book flights and hotels from different suppliers through flight booking engines and hotel booking engines that get real-time updates from multiple sources. Customers do not have to manually compare prices and availability on different supplier sites. Similarly, Trip Mega Mart sites can also have car rental systems and holiday package systems.
  • Trip Mega Mart has a one-click transaction system built into their site with lots of security features. Apart from this native system, the website design also allows for easy integration with most popular third-party payment portals
  • Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions are compatible on all types of devices and the customer does not have to take any extra steps to use the site on all their devices

Trip Mega Mart sites take care of their business owners as well with flexible scales of customer outreach. The same site can be scaled up or down to only serve the local market or the regional market or the international market. There are also various admin controls so that business owners can make minor alterations to the front-end of their website without needing to touch the software code.

Trip Mega Mart is a low investment, ideal business plan for first-time entrepreneurs who want some reliable support for their business. So, make your call to Trip Mega Mart today and turn your business dreams into your present day reality. Get started in just seven days with a full-fledged business that is ready to start pulling profits.

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